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A Photo Card of Love (Post Card 4-6)
Title: A Photo Card of Love
Author: Tamaki R. Jones
Television Show: We Got Married
Pairing: HJ/HB
Summary: Post Cards being posted to both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo.


Sent From: Canada

Date: January 17, 2010

Post cards are wonderful tools. But the stamps are just as expensive here. However, this is the only way to physically give you something that is not just sms and electronic e-mails though they are quite cheaper.

Though I am quite sure aliens are monitoring the internet just to see if they can globally take over the world. At least good old postcards probably wouldn’t be scan as easily since obviously its being deliver by older methods. Cabbages here are huge! One day perhaps you should visit this place. Do you think lettuces could just be as big here?



The clatter of keys settled on the shelf as Hwang Bo shifted through the mail at her dressing room. Rubbing her face she looks through the mail and notices the post card. Smiling she stare at the photo then flip it over to read the note. Snickering she slid the post card into her purse and stretches. The dancing was tough but she was at least fit enough. Going to the gym almost every day if her schedule allows her and now with her producers and staffers they were trying to create a new dance and album.

 She hopes to keep on raising money since she now finished paying off all her debt. She did not have to worry too much except about retirement now. Hopefully by the end of her career and creating of a new career in make up and clothes she could somehow live comfortably. If not she could always start a restaurant.

 Her plane tickets were already bought for another location she would be attending. She did not tell Hyun Joong about where she was heading since they both were very busy. Him in Canada and her in other investments.

 She did stay in contact with a few individuals from We Got Married. Alex was doing well for himself being in other programs. Shin Ae was of course married and doing well in her marriage, granted there were a few reports of some bumpiness in holy matrimony but she couldn’t really say for sure what was happening between the two love birds.


Sent From: Hawaii

Date: January 19, 2010

I am fine. Please do not be concern and yes this post card is in Hawaii. Sorry for not letting you know but you were busy filming and I did not want to disturb you.

I would SMS you but I left my cellphone back home. Perhaps by the time you receive this post card I’ll be back in Korea.

 Don’t be upset. You know I have to do this. It’s part of who I am. I am now in star bucks and watching this man with a really large K-9 police dog. The dog seem quite happy and I had to attempt to save my laptop from it’s enthusiasm. If you manage to see mother. I’m sure she would feed you. - —|–

Heart stopping Hyun Joong glared at the post card at the SS501 dormitory.Hwang Bo had hopped over to Hawaii before taking a flight to Haiti. This was insane-was she crazy? He run his finger through his hair pacing around as the other members quickly vacated mount Hyun Joong’s range of rage.

 They knew better then to interrupt Hyun Joong when he was pissed off. It was quite evident that the post cards that usually drew happy smiles from Hyun Joong this time made him quite mad.

 They already knew where Hwang Bo went and of course knowing how things might turn out he might just go flying to where she is at to drag her back to Korea. Nevertheless all of them would like to avoid any form of repercussion of any sort of squishing and yelling action between the two of them.



Sent From: Seoul, Korea

Date: January 20, 2010

To: —|–


YAH! Get back here you crazy woman! Are you nuts! Why are you in Hawaii and I know what you are thinking you are going to that disaster area! Are you CRAZY? I leave for a few weeks and next thing I know you are going to a place that is evacuating those American people. Why are you going to a disaster area? Are you crazy? Not even Koreans go there!

 Yah you get back here! I’m telling your mother to paddle you right after I get my hands on you!


Of course Hwang Bo knew that the SS501 members told Hyun Joong where she was at-how else he would send her this post card. Then again it shouldn’t have been any surprised since she called her mother letting her know which part of Haiti she was at…and knowing that Hyun Joong schedule was booked up she didn’t know what else to say.

 She was so tired. Her face was still covered with dirt and other dust from helping the workers dig out and recover items of value. Water was short here and she knew she lost weight while helping the red cross. She was just lucky she knew a little bit of English to communicate with those in the facility and she had a translator with her.

 Pushing the door of her bathroom open she rubbed her face and flop onto the bed tiredly. She was on the other side of Haiti that was not touched in one of the hotels. It was terrifying the whole ordeal and overall tiring. The prisoners that escaped some were still loose but many were captured back. The post card of course arrived much later and it’s been almost a whole two weeks since the whole incident. She was still near the embassy and already there were talks of evacuations of people from Haiti that were foreigners. Even though she just arrived-they even had gun men to protect the supplies the red cross had.


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(Deleted comment)
The story is fictional. It is not real. As for the part of HB in Hawaii. I made assumption that before going to Caribbeans it would be wise for her to hop over to Hawaii to rest before heading on over to Haiti.

Thanks for reading.

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