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A Photo Card of Love (Post Card 1-3)
Title: A Photo Card of Love
Author: Tamaki R. Jones
Television Show: We Got Married
Pairing: HJ/HB
Summary: Post Cards being posted to both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo. 


Sent From: Seoul, South Korea

Post Date: Dec. 16, 2009

I cannot believe in anything but the simple love that guides us on our journey together. Scandal. Disbelief, and inconsiderate reporters have stood in our way yet through it all I cannot say except I see you. – —|–



Hyun Joong stares at the post card in amusement. It was an older one that was sent and travel around trying to find him in his busy schedule. The signature was only that of two leaves and a flower. He already knew who it was from just by staring at the post card even though people think it was silly that someone would use celebrity photos. Since We Got Married it became a normal incident and the only person to use flowers as their signature was the one true woman that held his heart. Some people may consider this whole post card to be creepy but he and his lady knew the truth.

 Thinking deeply he smirked in amusement and got up to go to his laptop and connecting the printer by USB he started to create his own letter.


Sent From: Canada

Date: Jan. 9, 2010

Time cannot express the differences in our destinations. Just remember my dear lady that I shall smile brightly for you even through agony of stomach aches and your little cousins terrorizing me. Look at the red lanterns and remember but don’t expect me to fold them. – ˜

P.S. Was going to draw an ear but fell asleep. Sorry. - XD


Hwang Bo glares at the post card and smiles brightly laughing as she rolls on the floor of her apartment in Seoul. ‘That little…’ She thought with excessive bursts of laughter jiggle through her throat and she pushes her hand to her face. Of course Canada was pretty much almost done for the supposed H˜*. It was any wonder that no one had guessed about their suppose visit together in Hong Kong. Even the most insignificant locations was never called upon by reporters because they were very unnoticeable.

 She was grateful she had supportive friends that kept things under wrapped. Secrets in the industry were a must to avoid any form of problems. Of course she doubt reporters would think these post cards were anything but fan letters. Though words like cousins terrorizing might indicate something entirely different but they wouldn’t be able to tangle up the links together.



Sent From: Tokyo, Japan

Date: January 16, 2010

Thank you very much for all you have done for those people in Haiti. It is indeed scary I want to travel there to help but it doesn’t sound safe. Actually it would be downright stupid my mother informed me. I am grateful you have donated to the cause. The group I am with have manage to raise up to 100,000 but we are still finding it difficult in this economy. Don’t work to hard and hopefully if the stars allow us I can see you in your concert. -—|–

It was horrific the whole news reports that were going on. No matter how much he tried it was getting harder around this time. He was thankful for the fans for their support. Breathing he picked up the post card and rub his finger against the photo and presses it to his temple. He was so tired. The long distance phone calls were expensive. He also couldn’t stay up too late to be in contact with those in Asia on his messenger program because it was either working or nonstop trips around the area.

 Jae Joong was a bit depressed and he was trying to help out his friend’s mood. Granted the man smiles once in a while but he could tell the infinitely suffering and worries. Stretching he pulled out a post card he worked on and smiled at it. It was just a photo of him nothing else in the old day but he didn’t quite have much time to Photo shop anything these days.


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this is nice and sweet

i hope i can see and read another post card posted


Thank you very much for following. The next chapter has been posted. Ta Ta For Now.

I absolutely love whole concept of using postcard as the communication devise.
I love your JB fiction! Different than other JB fiction. Very unique!

Thank you and looking forward to receive next postcard!

Thank you very much. I am quite thankful for your review and hope you are happy with the next post cards I add onto this journal.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you very much. I try my best to not disappoint you in the future post cards.

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