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Post Card of Love (Card 13-15)
Title: A Photo Card of Love (Card 13-15)
Author: Tamaki R. Jones
Television Show: We Got Married
Pairing: HJ/HB
Summary: Post Cards being posted to both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo. 



Sent From: Paris, France

Date: Feb. 14, 2010

Ah but that’s the beauty of things. Until I get a husband it doesn’t apply now does it?


Also do you think it’s wise to do such a grand thing? I know you had that whole incident around Jan. 19th when the news reporters made a mistake that said you were seeing the ex president of


Korea. I am very thankful for the flowers-and the stuff animals even though it will cost me tons of money to bring it back with me. Not to mention there are now screams and giggles over the netizen about me having a boyfriend or some suitor. I was hoping someone assumes it was from fans. Why don’t they think it’s from fans? Damn it! Either you will ruin me or make people think I’m not single anymore! No cookie for you. Well okay…maybe just one.


P.S. Tell my mother no babies. Since no one proposed.


Hyun Joong was relieved that Hwang Bo received the shipment of toys. The expense for the stuff animals and flowers were costly. His lady was pleased, he could tell, he knew how much of a pack rat Hwang Bo. The young Korean man tilts his head Hyun Joong’s mother knew that her son was working something out.

 “Hyun Joong.” Her voice cuts into his thoughts. “What is wrong?”

 “It’s nothing.”  As amusing as it is to make Hyun Joong flush and stammer, there’s only so many times a mother can ask let alone tease her son, when she is concerned for him.

 “Tell me baby.”

 Hyun Joong turns red and whines a bit, “Mom don’t call me that…”  He shifts in his chair at their small kitchen in Seoul. “It’s just I got a post card from Hwang Bo. I think that she is not getting the point about me wanting to marry her.”

 This time, though, she was pleasantly surprised when Hyun Joong announced his intention; an enigmatic smile crept onto her face. “Did you ask her?”

 A splutter of red and spackle of water dripped down from Hyun Joong cheek from choking on his water. “MOM!”

 “It’s a valid question my son.”

 Hyun Joong pauses and frowns, “Don’t girls just know?”

 “We may be observant since we are the nurturing gender but we still aren’t psychic!”

 Hyun Joong winces at the stern tone. “But…”

 “Honestly—it’s nice to be asked. You are an adult…” Her hand came down flicking him on the head. “When did I raise such a stupid son?”

 Hyun Joong blocked the neck hand, “Okay! I get it..Yah…Mom!”

 A mother’s teaching and concerns are never done with it comes to their ill manner off spring.





Sent From: Seoul, Korea

Date: Feb. 16, 2010

I would like to meet you for dinner. I know you are probably dancing your cute behind off my sassy Lady in White.

 I have a few words I want to express. Sotto Kyutto (gently, tightly) I miss you. Each moment I try to make you laugh by attempting to joke around. It gets funny. Waiting to gather courage to bring along my true feelings.

 Sotto Kyutto. I know you are not use to my humor. Fews words I impart onto you is impacting. With those I care for I shall remember and recall even in death.

 Sotto Kyutto I want to hold tight onto you.

- H*



Really, Hwang Bo’s just pleased enough to have moments where she can just throw off her heels and flop onto her couch and sleep the day away. She felt the satisfying ache from her dance rehearsal and when her mouth wasn’t engage in munching on power bars and water, she could sleep well and wake up for another day of running inside a hamster treadmill. She didn’t really think she would even if something would pay her millions of dollars. She hadn’t felt that desperate for money since she paid off her debt.

 The cost of shipping the gifts back with her took close to two luggage case though she did donate the flowers to a hospital for patients near by. Flowers did not ship well and last well. A part of her that was girly did save a few roses drying them and pressing them into a book she was reading.

 She plans to have that flower laminated and made into a key chain.

 Hwang Bo inhaled sharply; oxygen flooding lungs out goes toxic CO2. Her fingers pull up the post card and she gave a sharp bark of laughter. A silver tremor of fear slip from her toes up to her shoulders shaking her breathless.

 She didn’t know what this meant. Flowers and now a post card giving her mix signals.

 A knock on the door, sitting up and sliding on her slippers she open the door and stare up at a smiling man holding a box and a clip board. “Delivery.”

 “Oh thanks…” Hwang Bo signed off on the clipboard and the man handed her the box the flap of the top was opened.

 “You’re boyfriend sure has an interesting point of view.” Tipping his baseball cap the delivery man was off.

 Mouth open wide in shock, Hwang Bo shut the door and set the box down on a small table side counter top and opens the flap of the box warily. A small laugh she lifted up a fish bowl and inside a gold fish was swimming around. Confused she places the fish bowl down and pulled out a card that was on the outside of the box. Reading out loud, “I can take being inside the fish bowl of reporters. How about you?”

 Confused she stares at the fish swimming frantically inside the fish bowl. “What?”




Sent From: Seoul, Korea

Date: Feb. 18, 2010


I think that new song you are creating is splendid. I’m sure you will win again for the new lyrics.

 I would possibly have time to do dinner later on. I have a few charity events I need to attend. I don’t think you would be interested in attending with me because it would look bad in public for you.

 I think rain is on the calendar event for my next destination. Be careful too since driving and being tired is bad. I don’t think being in an accident is a good thing.




Friday morning. Hyun Joong knew Friday’s were usually the most busy day because it was usually some sort of fan meet or greet and meet celebrities, producers, news stations to film interviews. Constant movements. For most of the world it was the day till freedom for the weekends. Hyun Joong had learned quickly that for being a celebrity it was the less sleep and irregular hours.

 Dating was not an option because the schedule came first in the day; any time at the end was reserve for either sleep.

 The post card he got from Hwang Bo discourage him. How thick headed could someone be? He wasn’t sure what to do. He had continued to work hard so he can continue wooing Hwang Bo. He was desperate but according to Jung Min he should keep on the post cards with lyrics and emotions.

 They were some courtship ritual, which he thinks is a load of crock. Since he originally started with post cards since time was limited and it was easy just to hand the post card over to assistants that were running errands and could easily mail out the letters. If not there was always the company letter slot that he could insert mail into be distributed outside to the postal office.

 “Morning~!” Hyung Joon the baby cried out happily as he flop down next to Hyun Joong and stretches in his new clothes for their next interview. Jung Min was being interviewed with Young Saeng.

 A grunt from Hyun Joong made the baby of the group look upon him in confusion.

 Noticing the foul mood Hyung Joon grew serious, “Hyun Joong-hyung.” He pat Hyun Joong’s arm poking it then use a high pitch voice, “Hyung Nim…”  This drew a smack on his arm. “OUCH!” He whines. “I’m going to tell Hwang Bo Noona.”

 This drew another hard hit again.

 Kyu Joong gave a loud sign as he slid onto the other side of Hyun Joong. “You know that if you keep up that statue face of course Noona won’t take you seriously.”

 Swallowing hard Hyun Joong control his temper. “Do you want to get hit too?”

 Kyu Joong roll his eyes, “If you actually listen Hyung you will realize that Noona is older then you. Even if you were both in that show together and been together long term and she saw you older you are still her dong saeng and around five years younger.”

 Having a feeling his going to regret asking, “Then what do you think I should do?”

 “Why don’t you try talking to her bluntly?” Kyu Joong pull Hyung Joon with him, “Jae Joong Hyung seem to have gotten it right. Speaking out honestly even though stupidly at least his feelings are conveyed easily. He isn’t like Chang Min or Yun Ho who hides their moods in public.”

 It was almost funny how Kyu Joong and Hyung Joon both turned to make a beeline for the break room that held food. Hyun Joong knew both boys were starving due to their schedule and he should be eating too but he was really stumped by the advice given by Kyu Joong. Was it true that he conceal his feelings too much?

 Picking up a pen and a piece of paper he started to scribble out some words. Since that song didn’t reach her then maybe another that is blunt would make sense to her. A part of him felt fearful of being rejected.



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(Deleted comment)
Well you know how it goes...LOL

so the next one will be the proposal?

wow, can wait!!!

You have to just wait and see.

Just LOVED the conversation between HJ and his mom.

Hyun Joong pauses and frowns, “Don’t girls just know?”

“We may be observant since we are the nurturing gender but we still aren’t psychic!”

Hyun Joong winces at the stern tone. “But…”

“Honestly—it’s nice to be asked. You are an adult…” Her hand came down flicking him on the head. “When did I raise such a stupid son?”

My heart goes out to HJ’s parent for the unfortunate events occurred recently to there son. I hope and pray that this is just an obstacle and HJ will overcome it.

Thank you.

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