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A Photo Card of Love (Post Card 10-12)
Title: A Photo Card of Love (Card 10-12)
Author: Tamaki R. Jones
Television Show: We Got Married
Pairing: HJ/HB
Summary: Post Cards being posted to both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo.


Sent From: Seoul, Korea

Date: Feb. 6, 2010

Stars keep falling. Now I am getting teased by a horse about this. It got so bad he started to sing your song on one of the interviews again. I think the fan groups out there will be possibly thrilled to death. I personally blame you for encouraging them.

 As for food. Sure. I’ll check with the schedule coordinator and let you know.



P.S. Don’t be watching You are beautiful Korean drama. You must support me!


“Cheeky.” Hwang Bo mutters. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and checked the status of her new phone grateful that it now worked. Noticing no knew phone call she immediately dial Hyun Joong’s number leaving a message.

 “You don’t have to be jealous that I’ll be watching ‘You are Beautiful.’ I’m quite too busy working out in the gym and performing to do such a thing.” Hwang Bo half purrs, “Of course if you are that concern perhaps you should get another filming for a drama. Well have to go now. Have fun at the photoshoot.”

 Hanging up she continue to walk toward the gym after slipping the postcard into her backpack. That should teach Hyun Joong for telling her what she can and cannot do. Honestly-it wasn’t like the main film star for ‘You are beautiful’ is that gorgeous. Then again Hong Ki wasn’t such a bad actor too cute and like the baby of SS501 but she would never voice out that opinion to Hyun Joong. Goodness knows he would probably try to out do the others.

 Indeed Hyun Joong could be just as childish at the others.



Sent From: Seoul, Korea

Date: Feb. 9, 2010

I just got a notice that I’ll be working in a commercial so I won’t be reachable for a little bit. Will be doing a few travels now. Quite bothersome-but not too bad I think. I got my passport and am going to head out to France. Long flight and the food is not exactly as good as Korean BBQ.

I’ll take photos not sure if you want to see them since you got plenty that you probably have taken of other places.

   My co-star in the commercial isn’t bad looking. Granted I think he is more nervous since it’s his first time doing a commercial for perfume. What do you think?





Staring at the photo Hyun Joong slipped the post card away as he stood up at the interruption. “Hyung.” Jung Min walked into the dressing room already wearing a suit with his hair tied back.

 “Jung Min-ah.” Hyun Joong straightens his tie fingers fidgeting with the cloth not use to wearing them for long moments.

 “Did Noona give you another post card?” Jung Min smile brightly, “I want to read it…”


 Frowning at the clench jaw line of the leader, “What’s wrong?”

 “It’s nothing…”

 “Oh come on Hyung. You need to let us in on what is going on between you two. After all we are good at helping out.” Jung Min reminds Hyun Joong of how they often pass notes or even kept the whole relationship a secret.

 Taking a deep breath Hyun Joong pull out the post card and handed it over to Jung Min then turn around to press his hand against the counter of the dresser and bend his head forward. His shoulder tense as Jung Min whistle behind him.

 “Noona even though she is tan surely pull off dresses really well. But you okay about her being in France with that newbie?” Jung Min immediately hit the point on what Hyun Joong was unhappy about. “Almost like that whole incident with Marco…Marcus guy on ‘We got Married.’”

 “You are not helping the situation.” Hyun Joong lifted his head already the bone weariness of the work schedule reflected on his face.

 “Don’t mean to ruin your mood.” Jung Min held his hand up with the post card in the right hand. Moving it forward warily handing it back to Hyun Joong as he turned around reaching for it. “Seriously if you are that concern why not go see her?”

 “And what? Have reporters and her crew take photos and babble to the nearest newspaper.”

 “Well there is always another way.” Jung Min pats Hyun Joong on the shoulder, “It would be wise to consult your mothers.” He grins, “After all what better way to figure out Noona then through her mother?”

 A new gleam of realizations crept over Hyun Joong’s face as he straight his shoulders. Jung Min offers his phone with Hwang Bo’s mothers telephone number displayed. The corner of his mouth lifts. “You know you may be right.”





Sent From: Seoul, Korea

Date: Feb. 10, 2010

You’re mother sent me this photo of our baby from 'we got married'. I do hope you love flash backs. I think a boy would be nice. I also love your mother's taste in bracelets. As for the photos for the commercial you are doing. It would be great if you could wear longer skirts. Your knees should be for your husband only.




Hwang Bo chokes on her water and caps it as she pushes her face into her hands. Twinges of rats in her stomach grinding on her internal organs seem befitting at the moment at realizing that her mother started to talk to Hyun Joong. She thought her mother would leave alone the whole baby making factory issue.

 Mortified that her mother would even send Hyun Joong this photo. Hwang Bo made a hiss noise through her teeth. Throwing the post card onto her coffee table she lay back on the couch, hands behind her head and staring up at the ceiling. She kept going over different scenarios in her head, trying to figure out how she went from talking to her mother about Hyun Joong to suddenly being shot from two ends by both of them. She felt like this whole incident was a sign that somehow her hard work of trying to keep the relationship between her and Hyun Joong simple going to the hard end of something she did not feel ready for.

 When a strange whirring sound filled her little villas living room she realized what it was and slid her hand into her purse tugging out her cell phone. A new sms blinked in the upper left corner of her screen. Tapping it with her finger she peered at the message.

 “Oh no they didn’t,” she exclaimed, jumping off the couch and hurrying to her window of her second floor. Soon enough after throwing open the window she notice the large cluster of items littered around the villas front yard.

 She smack her hand to her forehead. “Oh please don’t let this make the front end of the news…” She hisses noticing the curious glances her neighbors in the next door villas were giving to her front yard. Thousands of roses with stuff teddy bears, lions, tigers in all shape sizes and colors were spewed like a volcanoes blew up onto her front yard. A tiny part of her felt like smiling but another part of her was scolding at how much she would have to drag into her rented out villa house in the Paris suburbs.

 The staffs were also sharing the same villa there was close to four rooms so many shared with one another. However, she knew many would be questioning as to where all this extra stuff came from. A part of her was wincing over the shipping and handling it would take to get it back to her flat in Korea. She didn’t even want to know how much it cost Hyun Joong to place an order and a delivery in Paris since the Euro was expensive over here.



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I feel like little kid in the candy store.
Ahhh... new chapter. I am sooooo happy!

“You are Beautiful”... I love the drama and adores Hong-ki, and Yong-hwa.

Another fun chapter and love the interaction between Jung Min & HJ.
But I don’t understand why HJ seems insecure about HB?

Thank you. PEACE!

Thank you.

YAB is a funny little comedy. It reminds me of BOF. Always the whole F4 except one is a girl.

HJ is probably insecure because realize HB is older then him. Sometimes males may feel insecure because of age let alone how mature the woman is compare to them. Look at HB she is also a dominant personality.

General Bo is what the people around her call her. XD

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