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A Photo Card of Love (Post Card 7-9)
Title: A Photo Card of Love (Card 7-9)
Author: Tamaki R. Jones
Television Show: We Got Married
Pairing: HJ/HB
Summary: Post Cards being posted to both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo.


Sent From: Haiti

Date: January 30, 2010

I am fine. Please don’t worry too much. The area is quite devastating and I know you and mother are quite upset with my sudden disappearance. I needed to see if there was anything I can do.

 No one should deal with such trauma like this without some help. Red Cross is already short staffed and there are talks of evacuating those that are not part of the relief. Therefore I’ll be on my way back soon. Not even sure if this letter would get to you before I even arrive back home.



Hyun Joong received this post card later then what was expected. He stared at it already his anger was resolved and Hwang Bo was settled down on his own mother’s couch exhausted. He had received word that Hwang Bo was going to arrive by plane at Seoul Airport and had went to meet her there disguised of course. He could barely recognize her but he knew it was her through those thick glasses. Her weight had dropped down incredibly and he could see the vertebrae of her back.

 Instead of taking her back to her own home he brought her back to his families’ home. Already Hwang Bo’s mother was waiting there she was going to scold her daughter but at the sight of how dirty and exhausted her daughter was she held her tongue.

 Clicks of sympathy and disapproval came from his own mother’s mouth as she helped Hwang Bo into the bathroom and have her clean herself. Hyun Joong was grateful his mother brought out some of her own clothes for Hwang Bo to wear.

 Unfortunately the sight of how the clothes dwarfed Hwang Bo made him fear for her malnourished look. Already food was being created to help feed Hwang Bo-but he could see all she need is sleep.

 Already finished from the hot bath she curls up on the couch and he slipped onto it and laid her head against his lap. Just thankful she was alive and still breathing. “Don’t ever scare me like this ever again.” He whispers and seeing no response he stroke the damp long hair on his lap breathing in and closing his eyes.




Sent From: Seoul, Korea

Date: Feb. 1, 2010

No more scaring me. I doubt my heart can take the amount of pumps from shock. I have people watching out for you so be sure not to be silly and doing crazy stuff like that again. Its bad enough I get less sleep-but with you. Just don’t do it anymore. A star can only take so much before it extinguish from exhaustion and becoming a super nova. The alien (Jae) wants me to inform you that they are watching your flight schedule. Not sure how-but it’s reassuring that I’m not the only one freaking out by your recklessness. You just finish paying off those loans. Don’t go trying to run off the deep end just because you don’t owe anything anymore. Think about all those poor lettuce children crying for their mother. I think fans would also be crying if they lost you. So stop and think for once how the loss of you would affect others.

– H˜*

Tears slipped out dripping onto the page. Fingers hug onto Hwang Bo gently and rub her back. “Hye.” The soft voice of her mother tapped into her consciousness.

 “Mom?” Voice hoarse.

 “You know what you’ve done and it has been done.  Not much you can do but you have hurt him.”

 Hwang Bo nods her head tearfully, “I know. I just wanted to help.”

 “It is one of the greatest joy that I have born a daughter that cares and does God’s will but remember Hye.” Hands wrapped around her own gently. “You are only one person. You can only do so much.”

 “I know now…” Hwang Bo whispers.

 A smile from her mother made her lean closer a finger taps her on the forehead. “Stupid. Don’t do it again-and I want to let you know I approve of that young man of yours.”

 A water laugh and a nod, “I’m sure he will be glad.”

 A sound of exasperation crept over the room, “Then be sure to let him know that—and be sure to give me grand babies soon.”

 “Yeah. Yeah. I know.”




Sent From: Seoul, Korea

Date: Feb. 3, 2010

Thank you very much for being there for my mother. How about some lunch? I would sms you but I seem to have misplaced my phone. It seems someone convinced my dog to steal it and break it. Do you happen to have a clue as to how? Considering you’re the only one beside my mother that has my key. I’ll let one of the dong saeng hand you this post card since we both are within the same vicinity.


Best Regards,


A smirk slipped over Hyun Joong’s lips. Indeed he wanted Hwang Bo’s phone to die an unnatural death after all he didn’t want any of the other boys to call her up. Already it was an up hill battle to simply win her attention.

He had seen some of the sms from the Shinhwa boys and even Brian. Granted he should feel reassured since many of them seem to be inside the army. Speaking of the military he knows that it will soon be his and the other’s turn to go into the army. He must somehow secure his status with Hwang Bo before being place inside.

He knew that visitation was allowed with clearance-nevertheless he didn’t want his jail like experience to result in scandal unless he purposely manages to grab Hwang Bo before entering.

An e-mail from Hwang Bo’s mother amused him greatly and he knew that it would be inevitable that he have to use it in a post card just to tease Hwang Bo.

Reference: Jae admits to being alien


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reading those post card make me feel....

"aww how sweet they are...."

it look like everything going well between both of them
i hope that what happen in real life.

thank you for sharing this.


Well sometimes post cards are sweet and sometimes they are not. Glad you enjoy them!

(Deleted comment)
Well it's not hard to imagine her malnourished you can see her bones. XD Thanks for reading.

I am like a little kid waiting for the Santa bring gifts.
Longing for the next postcard. LOL

Nice to see both HJ & HB’s moms are in this chapter.
HB mom approval of HJ and HJ mom is gentle and caring for HB.

Some of other JB fictions, usually HJ mom is not kind to HB.

Thank you!

Well I consider that parents should at least attempt to be supportive. Granted in life it does not run that way but we all can hope. Besides they are both grown up already.

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