A Photo Card of Love (Post Card 16-18)
Title: A Photo Card of Love (Card 16-18)
Author: Tamaki R. Jones
Television Show: We Got Married
Pairing: HJ/HB
Summary: Post Cards being posted to both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo.



Sent From: Kansai, Japan

Date: Feb. 19, 2010

- My schedule is busy. I am attending a recording in Kansai so I won’t be reachable except by posts cards or e-mail. Then I’ll be hoping on a plane toward Thailand. I hope my feelings can reach you. I have decided to use a French display since you have gone to Paris.

Je ne peux pas arrêter. D'aimer.

(I can’t Stop. This Love.)

C'est comme si ma poitrine allait exploser.

(It feels like my chest is exploding.)

Et là, toi et moi qui dansons.

(And here, the two of us dancing.)

Qui faisons du bruit, et bougeons notre corps.

(Making noises, moving our body.)

Tu sais ce que je ressens pour toi, bébé.

(You know I feel for you baby.)

Je rêve. Cherchant ton amour.

(I dream. Reaching for your love.)

Trouvant mon élan dans le péché-

(Finding my momentum in sin-)

Sur tes douces lèvres.

(From your sweet tender lips.)

N'arrête pas bébé.

(Don’t Stop Baby.)

Je ne peux pas arrêter. D'aimer.

(I can’t stop. This Love.)

Comme un ouragan qui me déchire.

(Like a hurricane that rip me apart.)

J'ai besoin de toi bébé. N'empêche pas cet amour.

(Baby I need you. Don’t Stop this Love.)



Paperwork it create a desire in Hwang Bo to tear her hair out. She was getting her apartment redone. Her mother had come over and was helping her select the new paint she wanted on her walls. It was over due painting her little flat all she had to do was find time and also get moment to purchase the paint. The paperwork for other business ventures she was deciding to partake was what gave her a headache.

 Not to mention in a few hours she would have to wear a hanbok for her nephew’s doljanchi (first birthday). Her mother had brought along a new hanbok she had purchase for her.

 It wasn’t long ago when she wore a hanbok for a photoshoot in greeting of the new year around December. As for her nephew she couldn’t wait to watch him and see what he picked. The highlight of the dol is where tons of food and objects like string, books, brushes, ink and money would be place in front of the child.

 It was believed that when the child picks an object from the table it will foretell the child’s future. For instance if he picks up a brush or a book he would be destine to be a scholar. If he ends up picking up money or rice, he will be wealthy or have abundance of other food. Hwang Bo really hopes her nephew would end up picking up either money or even a sword. She wanted to see her nephew as the next President of Korea but she knew that was just silly of her.

 She had already bought a small gold bracelet for her nephew. She once day hope she can see if she has a child that would also go through the doljanchi.

 Already she knew her mother was broody because she wanted grand babies.

 The recent post card from Hyun Joong was very confusing. If she had more time she could get it translated properly but even google translator didn’t seem to help much in figuring out what the meaning was behind the lyrics.

 “Hye get dressed COME ON!” Her mother called her and she pulls herself off the chair leaving the post card on the table.

 Author note: Thank you J for your help in French translations of the song I’ve created from scratch. Also HJ was in Thailand on Feb 11-13 and back in Korea on Feb 14. Remember post cards are slow…


 Sent From: Seoul, Korea

Date: Feb. 24, 2010

Thank you once again for the post cards you are sending me. But H* I can’t read French! Do you realize how many hours I spent with a Korean-french dictionary to figure out what your lyrics are like.

 Aish! So frustrating. The translations look like some child trying to string words together. I’m sure the French song is beautiful and very well done. If only I could understand. Then again maybe it’s not a song and you are mocking me. Are you trying to mock me in French? Wait until I find a friend that speaks French and Korean. You will be in so much trouble!

 Yah! You hear me!




Frustration. He knew that doing a song with French wasn’t such a good idea. Granted he wasn’t even sure that his translations of the song were good-but they did have some individuals in the company that spoke French. He had them help him out.

 He just didn’t realize that Hwang Bo probably didn’t have the same resources to translate the post card.

 If all else fails he should try again. Hwang Bo’s mother was giving him encouragement but like his own mother she told him he was being an idiot if he doesn’t just say it out loud. As for what Hwang Bo thought he wasn’t sure. Her mother wasn’t willing to give insight into her daughter’s feelings.

 He wasn’t sure what to say about the whole ordeal. Kansai was getting quite boring the food wasn’t as good as Tokyo but he could still make do. Their company would be transferring them back into Tokyo in a few days. Thank goodness for small favors. At least there he could relax a bit since the studio was one he was use too.




Sent From: Kansai, Japan

Date: Feb. 25, 2010

Excuse of Acacia

 Acacia blossoms in the glaring light.

Un amour platonique (A platonic love), a silly excuse.

 I watch with wisdom.

Abandoned-Separation, torment a distance between us.

Left out cold and out to dry.

 Cet amour cache (This concealed love) that I hold

Blooming deep with ephemeral passion.

Fragile, prideful, and unreciprocated.

 Un amour platonique (A platonic love), a silly excuse.

Acacia blooming in the distance.

Scattered through warm regions of my heart.

Je veux ton amour (I want your love.)

Not the abandonment of Anemone.

Un amour platonique (A platonic love), a silly excuse.


 P.S. I’ll be heading to Tokyo in a few days.




 Silence resounded in the van as a dictionary slipped off jean clad legs onto the floor.

 “Oh MY GOD!”

 Author note: Thank you J for your help in French translations of the song I’ve created from scratch.





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